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Since I began my blog before I added this page, I will just link you directly to my blog:   Donna's Rocks.  

I have been a 'rockhound' for as long as I can remember, although I never knew I could even do anything about it. I thought you had to have a formal education or some special intuitive knowledge to even think of working in any way with stones.

Well, the first time, I actually 'felt' a crystal..that is... while holding it, I felt the energy vibrating throughout my body....I knew there was a reason I had an affinity for stones.  And that was it. I have been studying and enjoying their presence in my life ever since.

I have learned that crystals, stones, et al, are alive and vibrant entities.  I am not sure they are here specifically for our use or to help us on our journey through this dimension, but it surely seems to be the case but, if not, they are really just cool to have around.

For a long time now I have been adding stones to my blog. Most information I used was research gathered from many websites; as well as, "The Crystal Bible" and "Love is in the Earth."

So come along with me on a magickal mystery tour of the most beautiful energetic beings you will ever meet. 

Donna's Rocks


Violet-Lavender: Magical, mystical, imaginative, ethereal Aura Scan 2008

                         Tarot Readings

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 The Tarot is a pictorial history of the ancient and sacred Qabalah, and is the basis for all metaphysics and mysticism.

The Qabalah teaches us there are no victims. We are responsible for our own lives. The Tarot cards are a tool to show where our individual energy paths are taking us at
this moment.

Tarot reading is not fortunetelling because we create our own future. My role is to guide and help you create that future …whatever it may be.

(I will be adding be more information on the journey that the fool takes on his way back to the Divine (The Tree of Life).

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