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QTouch  began with the fact that at a Quantum level everything touches everything.  Whether it is through sound vibrations, meditation music, thoughts, intentions etc., we are all one.

QTouch Energetics is the part of Qtouch where we do various forms of  energy healing work.  Within our collaboration, I do the energy work.  Besides being  a Now Reiki Master, I am a Certified Quantum Touch practitioner and instructor. I also incorporate other modalities in any given QTouch Energy Wellness session or workshop.  These include Sound Therapy Healing, and Aura Cleansing and Crystal Healing.

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The following information regarding Quantum-Touch will give you an overview of how each of us has the ability to heal ourselves.

"Quantum-Touch® appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers."

              - Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Associaton

Quantum-Touch®  is a method of hands-on healing that actually must be seen to be believed. With only a light touch, you can observe bones spontaneously adjusting into their proper alignment. Beyond this, all healing is accelerated. By learning to activate the power of Quantum Touch®, you invoke the secret of resonance. From the DNA to the bones, all cells and systems effortlessly respond to the resonance of your love. From my experience, I would say that this may be the easiest skill  there is to learn. It is an innate ability we all have.


How does Quantum-Touch energy healing work?

 In principal the Quantum-Touch practitioner learns to focus and amplify life-force energy ("Chi" or "Prana") by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When the practitioner holds a high vibrational field of life-force energy around an affected area, she or he facilitates healing through the process of resonance and entrainment.

Everything vibrates. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, there is a tendency for the vibrations to come together. Most often, the slower vibration will rise to match the faster frequency. There are many kinds of examples of entrainment: over time, similarly tuned electric oscillators will match frequencies; disembodied animal hearts when placed near each other and kept alive in a lab will all beat in unison; and when women share a dormitory, over months they will often start menstruating at the same time.

Quantum-Touch uses resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing. The practitioner learns to raise his or her vibration and create a high level of energy. If that energy field is placed around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, that part of the body will entrain to the higher frequency and allow one’s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary.

Quantum-Touch actually provides healing energy for the practitioner as well as for the person seeking healing. Using Quantum-Touch breathing and body awareness exercises, the practitioner can hold an extraordinarily high vibration, influencing the person in need of healing to match the vibration of the practitioner. The practitioner will not become drained from doing the work. Most often, the practitioner feels emotionally uplifted as a result! 

I show people that they can actually dramatically change the taste of wine by directing energy into it; we're definitely affecting the very physics and chemistry of matter. I see that in the future, when research has been done, life force energy will be appreciated as being real ... and powerfully impacting physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and psychology. Our world will forever be different as people realize that their love has impact and their love has value.

Healing is a fascinating process which is generally very poorly understood. While many people think they can heal other people, it is of utmost importance to realize that all healing is self-healing. Ultimately, cells heal themselves. Cells desire to be well, and given the right energetic, emotional and nutritional environments, they will do just that. The body has an extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal itself. My favorite definition of a healer is someone who was sick and got well; a great healer is someone who was very sick and got well quickly.

                             ~ from Richard Gordon's article on QT website


Please contact me directly for information onmy QT Energetics Workshops 


Quantum Touch Practitioner/Instructor

Now Reiki Master

Sound Therapy Healing

Crystal Healing

Aura Cleansing


Qtouch Workshop testimonials:

    I really got a lot out of the class. You create a very warm, friendly space to experience Quantum Touch, your presentation was excellent.  Thanks.  I'm pleased and excited with the change I'm experiencing.  I am so glad I came."  A.S.

"Thank you.  I enjoyed the class this past weekend and felt very comfortable with you and Bill and the other students.  You were both so knowledgeable and open."  L.O.

"The workshop was complete and fulfilling.  You have powerful magick."  K.O.

"Thank you guys. I really had a good time and learned a lot." A.W.

"I had a great time; learned so much, and look forward to continuing to practice."  C.M. 

"Hi Donna/Bill.  Thank you again for an 'outstanding' weekend for me.  K.H.


At last, a healing modality that each person can do themselves.  

Below are various observations over the years since I began using this modality.

Assisting in helping many clients heal themselves has been an awesome experience. I have worked with a woman who went through 2 sets of chemo and radiation and who is doing just wonderfully now. 

I  have also helped a young woman with lupis to now live a life without pain.  We have watched her immune system act as it should and her white cell count go to 1 pt shy of normal from many points above normal.  (all very technical but she has been monitoring the progress as she is tested every quarter.) 

We have now started to include tuning forks in our healing circles and have also incorporated crystals by forming a grid around our working area.   The crystals really 'amp' up the energy as they also want to help.  

There is so much.  Bill has been very successful with his entrainment meditation music (he uses the applicable brain wave patterns) in the background.  This has been very helpful in our energy work.  Bill also has written a new book on his own energy modality.  Check it out:  You can also buy his entrainment music on his other websites:





















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